Custom systems
We create high-performance battery systems tailored to your needs

Our Products

Cells to spec or complete storage systems

Battery Systems

We engineer and build customized battery systems fit for your needs

Modular design

Allows you to add capacity as needed

Integrated intelligence

Built-in software packages that easily integrate with existing IT-systems

Safety at its core

We never compromise on safety. All novali technology is built with the highest safety standards in mind

Battery cells

We offer a range of battery cell technology fit for purpose and available in different form factors.


We know that cost is a key driver for your project. We use unique battery chemistries to provide competitive prices

Cycle life

All our cells are of the highest quality with long cycle lives

Available in different chemistries

We offer LPF, NMC and in the futre novali's own LMNO

Let's share some energy!

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