Stationary storage
Fit for purpose alternative ion technology

Affordable, long-lasting and sustainable.

Our Products

Cells to spec or complete storage systems

Battery Systems

Easy plug and play system

Modular design

Allows you to add capacity as needed

Integrated intelligence

Built-in software packages that easily integrate with existing IT-systems

Safety at its core

We never compromise on safety. All novali technology is built with the highest safety standards in mind

Battery cells

Unique alternative ion cell technology fit for purpose. Available in different form factors


Using abundant materials we can produce at lower cost than our competitors.

Cycle life

Our cells are optimized to last over 10000 cycles

Available in different form factors

We can produce cells tailored to your systems


Our performance

Our breakthrough alternative ion technology allows for a significantly lower cost and longer lifetime than currently available technologies. This can be achieved without the use of rare metals.

Traditional Li-ion (NMC)

Traditional Li-ion (LFP)

Very low-cost

1 x

1.5 - 2 x

1.5 x

1 x


0.5 x

0.8 x

Long lifetime




Our systems

Plug and play containers

Turnkey solutions, including latest Battery & Energy management systems for improved performance and hybrid setups, IoT cloud platform for remote control, active cooling and state-of-the-art power electronics.

novali Power 1

Based on years of experience in power system integration, novali has designed, and built its first battery energy storage system, the Power 1. The Power 1 can provide clean power supply, support peak demand and buffer locally generated renewable energy.


120 kWh

Max. Power

90 kW

Cycle Life

5,000+ cycles

Cell Technology


Voltage & Frequency

3x400V, 50 Hz


8 ft container

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Illustration novali battery storage solution

novali Power 2

We are currently developing our second model. The Power 2 will feature a larger footprint, boosting capacity and power. This is enabled by integrating our alternative-ion technology cells, which have been developed specifically for this purpose.


2000+ kWh

Cycle Life

10,000+ cycles

Cell Technology



Modular design

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Our position

Cell technologies, developed in our pilot factory, delivered to you as cell or complete systems

novali is a cell technology company, focused on developing and producing superior battery cells for specific applications. Our track record lies in stationary storage system integration. We intend to scale our different technologies through our pilot factory. From here we will be able to deliver both cells to external integrators, as well as turnkey systems to end customers.

External tech


Co-development from pilot



Pilot factory

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Battery assembly


System integrator

Let's share some energy!

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