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Next generation technologies are our singular focus. In terms of chemistries we offer a broad range depending on price and performance.

LFP - Lithium iron phosphate

LFP based cells offer  acceptable energy density at the best  price point and don't contain  critical metals like nickel and cobalt.  On top of that they have the highest cycle life and  are  intrinsically safer than NMX based cells.

We pair LFP cathodes with graphite, silicon or XNO anodes depending on whether the focus is more on cost, cycle life, power or energy density.

NMX - Nickel Manganese

Within this family we have a specifc focus on new high voltage cathode materials that result in higher energy density compared to the state-of-the-art NMC materials and  that contain less cobalt and nickel.

These cells are a good solution for market segments that are able to pay a small premium for  a considerable increase in energy density.

Next generation battery cells

Novali is leading the efforts on scaling manufacturing and developing the supply chain for solid state, lithium metal and silicon anode battery cells.  Lithium metal and high content silicon  anode cells have  up to double the energy density  compared to  state-of-the-art batteries.  At first we predict these will enter the market at a premium and as the supply chain develops will become the industry standard.

Novel processing techniques

Novali seeks a considerable competitive advantage in applying new processing techniques to cell assembly and material synthesis. Over all chemistries these result in improved battery materials and characteristics while at the same time drastically reducing cost and CO2 footprint.

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