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Next generation battery cells

Novali is leading the efforts on developing  new cell technology,  scaling cell manufacturing and setting up the supply chain for sustainable battery production.

We make sure our technologies are fit-for-purpose and so we distinguish two main markets:

  • Automotive: For the automotive sector we focus on higher energy densities (more range), faster charging speeds and a reduced cost to drive EV adoption.

  • Stationary storage:  For the stationary storage market we focus on   longer battery life and heavily reduced cost.

New chemistries & sustainable materials

Novali  both develops its own cell designs and licences breakthrough chemistries from technology partners. This way we make sure we have all the necessary  knowledge in-house and access to the latest developments.

As sustainability is our no. 1 priority , we always look to  switch out any rare, expensive or polluting  material by a more abundant and cleaner alternative.

A few of  our key technologies include: cobalt-free cathodes, Li-metal anodes and alternative-ion  chemistries

Novel processing techniques

Novali seeks a considerable competitive advantage in applying new processing techniques to cell assembly and material synthesis. These result in improved battery materials and characteristics while at the same time drastically reducing cost  and CO2 footprint.

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