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At Novali, we are involved in all stages of the value chain, from raw materials to cells, from battery packs to integrated storage solutions.

Cell R&D

Novali is working on next-generation lithium batteries. We research innovative electrodes and electrolytes for higher energy and power densities, improved safety, longer lifespans, and lower cost price.

Battery packs

We offer modular or customised packs.

Cell manufacturing

Novali manages the large-scale production of cells. By managing the entire supply chain, we can guarantee continuous quality. Vertical integration and  economies of scale  should  lead to lower production costs.

Software and IoT

We capture data on the state of the battery and process this data in models and controllers in order to deliver extra added value.

Battery energy storage systems

Integrated systems including power converters and power distribution.

+ Cell manufacturing
+ Battery packs
+ Software and IoT
+ Battery energy storage systems
+ Cell R&D

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