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We're not just in the battery business, we're in the net zero business

novali  scales new technologies to   accelerate the energy transition. Our vision is to become the leader in ramping up the technologies that will bring us to net-zero by 2050. For this decade, our focus lies on batteries  for mobility and stationary solutions.

Sustainability as guiding principle

We envision a carbon-neutral world where batteries play a key role powering vehicles over land, sea and air, buffering power in the grid and more.

We believe batteries can be built CO2 neutral, to a high degree with recycled materials and relying on local supply chains

Batteries for mobility and stationary markets

With electric vehicle sales already booming and much larger volumes still to be expected, the automotive is our main target market.

Apart from automotive and other mobility markets, we see a lot of potential in stationary applications as well. We recognize the specific needs for these applications and aim to deliver tailored next-gen battery solutions  that can provide a true value-add.

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