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novali is a cell manufacturing platform for next-generation battery technology. We aim to become the leading manufacturer of next-generation batteries.

novali is an agile cell manufacturing platform

Inherently technology agnostic, we provide clients with the best chemistry and processing techniques to fit their requirements and cost constraints.

Our focus is on solving the two main issues with current batteries: range anxiety and high cost.


We aim to build multiple Gigafactories across Europe and beyond

Serving customers across Europe we intend to build Gigafactories  close to our customers. We look at a wide range of criteria when selecting our locations (infrastructure, logistics, local  support and funding)


We are leading the efforts on scaling up manufacturing and setting up the supply chain for next generation batteries

Pushing past the state-of-the-art we combine the breakthroughs of our technology partners (both in materials and processing techniques)   to  accelerate large-scale manufacturing of next-generation batteries.

We work with European and Asian equipment manufacturers to establish local know how and a local supply chain of  production equipment.

We work with global material suppliers to plan sufficient production capacity of the needed materials by the time our operations are ready to go.  

+ Cell manufacturing
+ Battery packs
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